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 Ppolsaf Minutes 21/6/1011

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ste trish

ste trish

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PostSubject: Re: Ppolsaf Minutes 21/6/1011   Ppolsaf Minutes 21/6/1011 Icon_minitimeJune 30th 2011, 19:28

Nice one Tony for putting this on. I knew this would happen as there are/were to many "personalities" involved! Lets hope all the little problems can be sorted. Shame there has been little direction given from the outgoing committee.
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PostSubject: Ppolsaf Minutes 21/6/1011   Ppolsaf Minutes 21/6/1011 Icon_minitimeJune 29th 2011, 21:28

In Attendance:

S. Ripley, E. Daley, E. Thompson, T. Williams, A. Noon, D. Hollet,


I. McKay, J. Rawlinson, J. Peterson, B. Hodgson,

Chairman opened the meeting at 20-00hrs by welcoming and thanking the Reps for attending.

1st issue discussed was the viability of the Polsaf web site and forum. Does it get used enough to warrant the cost of keeping it on line, with the problems it has with posting links and e-mails address. Was the cost incurred, inclusive of a control panel, which seems to of been paid for, but does not seem to be active. Further investigation into this will be done. It was decided to let it run for its 1st year and then further discuss its future in time to come with the possibility of making a Free Forum up to do the same job.

Next issue discussed was the Lack of Communication from Polsaf to Affiliated Clubs. Out of 17 clubs the secretary only has access to 5 usable e-mail addresses for correspondence between themselves and Polsaf. The secretary asked for e-mails in February via the Polsaf Forum and received no reply's.

It was noted that Clubs have on their Books a number of Members who have not re-joined but still have a Dock Permit and are Uninsured. The Actions for this are now to inform the Secretary of Polsaf with a List of Inactive Members and this shall be Given to the I.S.P.S. Officer to be dealt with.
The Gen. Sec then informed the members of his meeting with the I.S.P.S. Officer P. Martin and his boss D. Galt recently . The brief actions to come from this meeting are.......
Other Venues could be Discussed for Entry to Fish in the Future.
Permits are to cost 10 per year from 2012. This was NON NEGOTIABLE and is the Standard Charge for ALL Clubs including The R.S.P.B. and the Tall Ships Society.
The I.S.P.S. officers have asked for ALL Clubs to Submit the Names for 2012 Permits in August/September. The gen. sec informed them that this could not be achieved due to some members not renewing Club Membership. As these members would have a Dock Permit and no I
nsurance. The gen. sec Proposed that all clubs would get the ball rolling by offering the names of their Regular Anglers who they knew would be rejoining next year, how ever many this may be, to be decided by the club itself. Their payment for the Permit must also be given to Polsaf followed by the name of the individual. These Permits would be Guaranteed to be ready by the start of next year. Anyone not putting a name forward or their Permit money until a later date, would have no Guarantees from the I.S.P.S. officer of recieving their Permit in time. The back log may take them well into the new year, as they have 10,000 I.S.P.S Permits to sort out, and only have 3 days a week on these duties.

Affilliation and Re- Affilliation to P.O.L.S.A.F.

It was noted that out of 17 clubs, only 8 have paid the 10 re- affilliation fee. The gen. sec felt that there was very little usable information on affilliated clubs in the Polsaf Records. It was agreed that an overhaul and modernisation of Procedure was needed. It was said that this Affilliation Money is to be the only Income to P.O.L.S.A.F. for the Forseeable Future. For these reasons it was deemed to up the Affilliation Fees.

New Clubs.....50.
Re-Affilliation....25. This would Possibly be enough to Hold a Decent Fur n Feather upon. The 50 in Prizes that Clubs paid last year would not be needed if these payments were met. This Payment would also be Due in Advance of 2012 at the same time as the initial Permit Payment.
Before Any Club is Affilliated or Re-Affilliated these Payments Must be Met and Followed By..............

1. A copy of your Club Constitution . (Must be viewed by the Gen.Sec).
2. A copy of your Clubs Insurance, stating the amount of Anglers your Club is insured to have.(to be retained by Gen.Sec).

cheer's Eddie.
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Ppolsaf Minutes 21/6/1011
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