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 Seaforth rocks

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mark a


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PostSubject: Re: Seaforth rocks   January 5th 2010, 21:47

done that mate
that part is the form i've got so i can keep a record of persons authorised, if you want a form i will have them at the next meeting or come down to the match on sat or sun, i will have some there too
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PostSubject: colour of print   January 5th 2010, 18:44

its hard to read the message due to the ink colour can you change message to black ink please///berny
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mark a


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PostSubject: Seaforth rocks   January 5th 2010, 16:55

I gave out some forms for the members who want to fish the rocks to be signed and kept with your passes but i also need your names and pass numbers so to keep a record of authorised members for the dock board, please pm me with these details so i can get the form drawn up.

This was posted by John Rawlinson on cast n catcplease read it so you all know the rules.

Following the negotiations with Mersey Docks and Harbour Co. we are now allowed to fish Seaforth rocks again. HOWEVER this is only for POLSAF pass holders following the attached procedure.
Print out the procedure, sign and date it and keep it with your pass. If you are a member of an affiliated club give a copy of the signed procedure to your club POLSAF rep. For individual anglers please reply to this post with your name and pass number.
The biggest concern is car parking therefore please minimise the number of cars by ferrying your party to the venue if at all possible.


Seaforth rocks can be a very productive area for fishing, however it can also be potentially very dangerous. Heavy traffic, large vehicles and plant are in constant use on the roadways.
The following procedure to be followed forms part of the terms and conditions for POLSAF pass issue.

The venue is available only to POLSAF pass holders who have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
Fishing is permitted from the T junction southwards to the Helipad. Parking is strictly at the Helipad end only, cars parked on the road will result in the owners pass being withdrawn. There is no vehicular access north from the T junction. Access to the rocks is via the concrete walkway along the edge of the rocks. Anglers are instructed not to walk along the road. High visibility clothing to be worn.
Anglers should notify the gatehouse they intend to fish Seaforth rocks on entering the dock estate.

Persons fishing this venue do so entirely at their own risk. Neither POLSAF, the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company, or Peel Holdings may be held to account for any incident arising from members fishing this venue.
Single person fishing is strictly prohibited. Any member found fishing alone will have their pass withdrawn.
Adequate clothing, particularly footwear, must be worn as you must traverse slippery rocks. The venue is not floodlit you will need adequate lighting.
Work in pairs to get down to your chosen location. Choose a safe route.
Be aware of the ingress of the tide and move to higher ground as the tide rises.
In the event someone slips into the water or is soaked by waves leave immediately to prevent hypothermia.
One of the party must have a mobile phone to summon help if required 949 1212 will bring help from port police.
Members with medical conditions should consider the climbing aspect of this venue before attempting to fish.
At all times members should consider their own and others safety. Strong winds and driving rain would make the venue more dangerous, therefore be prepared to leave rather than tempt an accident.

In extreme weather conditions the venue may be closed, this is at the discretion of port police. Anglers will, at all times, comply with instructions given to them by MDHCo, Port Police and POLSAF bailiffs.
I have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Member ……………………………………………………………….


Pass No………………………………………………………………..


POLSAF Rules and Regulations.

The ISPS pass issued to you grants access to the dock estate for the purpose of fishing. Entrance is via the Seaforth gate.
The vehicle pass issued must be displayed on the vehicle when on the dock estate.
There is a strict 25mph speed limit throughout the dock estate.

Fishing is permitted only from the Alexander dock wall. All other areas are out of bounds and not to be fished.
Single person fishing is not permitted from the open or seaward facing stretch of wall.
All persons must carry and display their ISPS pass at all times.
The pass must be showed to Dock Police and POLSAF bailiffs when requested.
High visibility clothing is to be worn.
Anglers will, at all times, comply with instructions given by Dock Police or POLSAF bailiffs.
Cars should be parked so as not to obstruct the roadway.
No lighting of fires.
No littering, there are skips in place for our use.
Infringement of any of these rules may result in the loss of the ISPS pass.
Behaviour likely to bring POLSAF into disrepute will be dealt with at club level.

Anglers should report any missing safety equipment to POLSAF as soon as possible.
Anglers should report any wrongdoing or suspicious behaviour to Port Police by phoning 949 1212.

Persons found fishing without a pass will be ejected from the Dock estate.
The owners of cars not displaying a valid permit will be ejected from the Dock estate and may have their pass revoked.

Tight lines

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PostSubject: Re: Seaforth rocks   

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Seaforth rocks
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