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 SOS - Save our Shoals ( Illegal Inshore Trawlers? )

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PostSubject: SOS - Save our Shoals ( Illegal Inshore Trawlers? )   March 16th 2009, 14:58

Hi everyone
I think that the general concensus of opinion within the club, is that the fishing in the Mersey in general, and the Cod fishing in particular, has been declining, with this year being the worst year many of us have ever experienced, and this is not just in our own club either, it's throughout the region!

I've just received this in from Mike Dixon the Personal Members secretary of the WFSA: I've just signed up to this petition and would urge you all to do the same; as, unless we have concerted action on this matter things are just going to go from bad to worse! We need MASSIVE ACTION NOW!!!
Ian McKay

Hi Ian

Apologies for the out of the blue e-mail however I was hoping I could get your support on the following:

As you may or may not know I do a lot of fishing and, over the years, have witnessed a worrying decline of fish around the UK. On many occasions I have heard stories of, or personally witnessed, our own and mostly foreign trawlers very short distances from the shore scraping around for fish and ruining the breeding grounds and lifeblood of our UK species for short term gain without any thought of the long term consequences. These long term consequences are now evident around the UK.

Stocks are at their minimum and some species close to extinction, this cannot be allowed to happen. This affects us all from the UK commercial fish fleet, the thousands of pleasure anglers, the tackle retailers and of course the availability of good old cod and chips in our chippies. You will probably have noticed the hike in prices for cod and the substitutes now being offered as a result of their decline and increased prices due to this. The UK has potentially the richest fishing coasts in the northern hemisphere and if action is not taken soon this will be ruined forever.

I have started an online petition to demand immediate action on the protection of Britains fish stocks as part of an effort by fellow fishermen and women to try and make a difference. Its a long shot however we just can't sit back and do nothing.

These petitions work and the following link will allow you to sign the on line petition at 10 Downing St. They work if you get sufficient numbers to sign up so please send this link to anyone you may know who in an attempt to change this governments tepid attempts to rectify a very serious situation, it only takes a minute.


Please take the time to send this link to every source you can to ensure this gets as many signatures as possible.

Thanks for your help

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SOS - Save our Shoals ( Illegal Inshore Trawlers? )
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