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 AGM meeting info

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Steve Bates

Steve Bates

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PostSubject: AGM meeting info   AGM meeting info Icon_minitimeFebruary 25th 2015, 16:46

Thanks Mark for the info.

I think that most fishing and indeed most types of clubs are finding that their membership is dwindling due to two factors:-

1. Aging members
2. Lack of new young blood.

It is not the first time that concerns have been expressed about youngsters sitting in front of T.V. computers, ipads, game boys etc the age of getting up and doing it seems to be disappearing fast.

However, we need to encourage members to rejoin. Youngsters to get involved with the outdoor life and live it not just watch it on T.V. or the computer. Now enough of the rant||||

Next meeting on Monday 2nd March we all need to find out who is going to become members of the new Committee for 2015/2016.  Serving on the Committee is not difficult and help will be given to any new appointees.So come on lads lets have a good response.

The Annual General Meeting is on Monday 16th March.
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mark a

mark a

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PostSubject: AGM meeting info   AGM meeting info Icon_minitimeFebruary 24th 2015, 19:07

Hi Guys
I will not be standing for any committee position this year due to work commitments, this will allow me to fish on sundays, so come on guys we cant rely on the same people to do the jobs every year, they are not hard and you will get help. Its not just Sefton, see the below email from CBVSAC

It has become apparent over the last twelve months that support for the club matches both shore and boat has been falling off quite drastically. The average attendance for shore matches during 2014 has been approximately 9 or 10 anglers at each match and for the boat matches between 2 and 3 boats. Obviously this is the subject of considerable discussion at the executive committee meetings and the discussions have now taken the course of ' do we continue with the club based on the lack of interest shown by members '. The last thing the committee wants is for the club to cease to exist but we do wonder what the members really want. In addition the committee is finding difficulty in attracting new blood and it is the same few members who give up their time each month to attend meetings and help to keep the club running. At the present time the committee needs a secretary, fish recorder and will shortly require a shore section organiser as Terry is no longer prepared to continue in this role. The simple fact of the matter is that there needs to be more member participation in club activities. IN OTHER WORDS USE IT OR LOSE IT. .From the boat section perspective a meeting has been organised to discuss the way forward for this years boat league on Friday 27th March in the clubhouse at 8.00pm would all boat members please make an effort to attend. Mike Robinson Club Chairman
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AGM meeting info
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